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The website – one of the most powerful marketing tools an organisation can have.

The majority of the population sit down of an evening, pick up their tablet device, and search the internet for … * insert your search criteria here * … this is when you need your brand, your website to stand out!

The site must engage the visitor, ensure they navigate the site with ease, and ultimately get in touch, or purchase your product.

We Build the Brand

Why does Brand matter?

The Brand provides a feeling of ownership, it makes your organisation individual, and it makes you stand out from the crowd. A strong brand will ensure potential customers remember you.

Brand Development

On-going Brand Development is key to keeping your organisation relevant and to ensure it continues to attract new customers.  We work with existing brands that need a “fresh” look and feel, and will suggest new ways in which to achieve this.

How to Build the Brand?

Firstly, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who is my target market?
  • Why is my business unique?
  • How do I want my business to be perceived?

Next, we research the opposition:

  • What are they doing well?
    What aren’t they doing so well?
    What do you like and dislike about their brand?

The key here is to be super critical!

We Build the Website

Why does by Business need a Website?

The website is the greatest opportunity to sell your business, the team behind your business and what your business does.  Each evening the world’s population will sit down and browse the internet for what they need next.  If your business does not have a website, you will be missing out on great opportunities.

There are many benefits to a website, including:

  • The website can be your most powerful marketing tool, and yet it is simple to manage how much it can cost you.
  • Accessible to new and existing customers 24/7.
  • A well designed, and thought out website will provide an enormous benefit.
  • With an online presence you are effectively able to sell your products, and / or services around the clock.

Your website, and online presence is imperative to your brand and its success.

How to Build the Website?

If not already identified when creating your brand, you need to ask yourself:

  • Who is my target market?
  • What makes my business unique?
  • What are the top objectives of my website?


Next, we look into specific features you want to include:

  • What have you seen on other websites that you like / dislike?
  • With the list of key objectives identified, what features can I use to ensure these objectives are met?
  • Is there anything the website must absolutely do?
  • Is there anything the website must absolutely not do?

Website Development

As with the Brand, the on-going development of the website is crucial to its success.  Not only should a website stay “fresh” to compliment and work with your brand, but the content which it contains should be kept up to date.  If your website is current, it will help to boost coverage of your products and service, and will act as vital tool to keep new and existing customers tuned into what is new.

We provide on-going Services

It does not stop there!

Excellent – the Brand is ready, the website has been designed and built and its now available for the world to see, so surely know I can put my feet up …


We have already mentioned the importance of your website, and how it can be a businesses most powerful marketing tool, especially in the early days.  Therefore, it is imperative the site is kept up-to-date and worked on continually to help develop it further, to grow with your business, and to continually provide new and exciting content to both new and existing customers.

We offer a number of services to help you do this on-going, and they can range from supporting your in-house team to do this, or we can manage all of this for you.

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