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We provide development services that deliver software solutions for our customers.  We engage with our customers to ensure that we understand your business thus enabling us to develop a software solution and not just a software application.

We look at all of the dependencies and look to provide automation between products, our aim to reduce workload and improve business efficiency.

Our Process

We spend time with our customers to ensure that we fully understand the business processes so that the system design and development addresses the business need.

The scoping phase will enable us to create a draft development specification that will provide us with the required information to develop a prototype application for sign off.


We develop all of our software solutions using best practice methods and by utilising the latest technologies. We develop applications using an Agile approach to ensure that the
applications are delivered in a structured and consistent way.

We develop using a variety of technologies, however we do tend to lean towards Microsoft programming languages.

Testing and Deployment

We believe that this is a crucial phase of any development cycle and following unit testing we will work with our customers to support them through user acceptance testing and to develop the release strategy within their business.

The software will then be moved into a LIVE phase and managed through our standard support methods.

Bespoke, or Off-the-Shelf?

Within businesses there are a number of software solutions required to operate your business effectively, Finance, CRM, and HR & Payroll are a few that most companies have and they are traditionally stand alone applications with very little dependencies on other business systems so these would traditionally be off the shelf applications.

What is required within businesses, is to ensure all systems are talking to each other, using the data seamlessly across the organisation.

A bespoke system would typically be ordering systems, in house CRM systems, Helpdesk systems and any system that is required within a business that is very specific to there business requirements.

We find that within most businesses there is a requirement for a mix of off the shelf and bespoke applications required within most businesses.

Integration with other Applications

We believe this is the single most area of operational efficiency gains within an organisation and will give a definite return on investment.

The days of data entry into multiple systems should now be a thing of the past and integration using the latest technologies is now much more possible.

We have the expertise to develop full export files, changes only export files and we have seen a strong drive towards offering dynamic interfaces utilising web services technology … the automated approach !

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