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The software is in place, it’s working like a dream, but hang on …

You may have no visibility of whether sales are up or down?
Has the software made the purchasing team more efficient?
On average, are payroll making less edits in each period?


… and these are just some of the many questions, an organisation could ask itself !

The keyword: Analytics.

Reporting on the data you store is imperative to the success of your solution!


Static Reporting

There has been a big shift in how organisations want to report on their data. However, depending on the industry, users want information differently.

We can offer static reporting, often useful in for example – payroll and also month end routines.

We can write procedures to query your database and also return the data in it’s most simple format. Additionally, if you need to format that data into a report with organisation heading’s, why we could write a Crystal Report.

Using SQL Server?  We can use SQL Reporting Services to write a reporting solution – split by departments, with security roles in place. This is to ensure only users with the appropriate access can get run the reports they should.

Or furthermore, go Custom?  We will write you a bespoke solution which can be easily deployed across your organisation and achieve the same result.

Dynamic Reporting

Dashboards are becoming very popular.  They offer a real-time look into your data at the click of a button.  Users often prefer a visual representation of their data, rather than table after table of data.

QuayTech have written Dashboard solutions for management for use in monthly board meetings.  Instant access to statistics they need when presenting a department’s performance in a monthly review.

Does your Sales force have visibility of their customer data?  Why not deliver a solution they can use to not only review their customers performance, but can be used to target particular customers and plan their diary around this?

Dashboards and Reporting

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