Production Process Integration Project

by William O'Grady for Project
Production Process Integration Project

We are kept busy here at Quaytech Systems!  

One of our clients had ordered a sizeable piece of machinery to be used in the manufacturing industry. With the clock ticking towards delivery, we were tasked with integrating this machinery into an existing production process, all the while finding ways to make the existing process more efficient.  

This project provided great variety in its development. The existing system was written in an older language and this needed to be integrated with more modern systems in order to meet our client’s needs.

As part of this project, we have worked closely with our client in order to ensure a smooth delivery of the program. Regular communication has been vital in developing a program with changing requirements. We have kept the user experience in mind whilst creating various screens in the program. 

As well as working with data, we have generated a label system with unique barcodes that are printed for every component created in the process. Each component also required a unique file to be created in order to be read by the new machine.

It can be really rewarding to develop software for industry, especially, when you get to see a massive piece of machinery running on your own code!

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