Distributor – Custom Stock Check Module

by Sarah McCarthy for Project
Distributor – Custom Stock Check Module

Our client required a custom stock check module. This was to give them the ability to get their warehouse to perform a stock count by Product Grouping. So they could allocate a Supplier Stock Check per day, over a number of weeks.  In addition to this, it was essential they could get the warehouse to perform a first count and second count. Due to the quantity of products they stocked.  This would allow the client to review variances between counts, and where required issue a request for a final recount.  All this data was then fully exportable to Excel, for further analysis where required.

We achieved the above by writing a bespoke .NET module which sat within an existing .NET Windows Form application they had.

We went a few steps further to improve the functionality. By providing a visual grid to highlight where the biggest variances were, and finally when happy flag items as completed and ready for import into their ERP system.  At this stage we would then record the necessary transactions to update their ERP system. This is to ensure that the stock figure in the ERP truly reflected the physical stock quantity.

Project Highlights:
  • Could be used across multiple warehouses, at the same time without system performance degrading.
  • All barcode readers write into custom temporary tables for all analysis to be performed, before being written back to the ERP.
  • Possible to seperate into product groups.
  • Ability to perform a first and second count, followed by a re-count.
  • Publish instructions to the barcode readers.
  • Overview form, with export to Excel functionality.
  • Ability to push into their ERP system when ready.
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