CRM de la CRM

by Andy for Project
CRM de la CRM

The Problem

Our client came to us with a problem: they were paying a lot of money to use their previous Customer Relationship Management software but weren’t using half of the functionality that it had to offer. On top of that the majority of their users found it too complicated. The final straw came when the provider upgraded their solution but accidentally removed a fundamental piece of their API (Application programming interface), which we were using to run custom reporting out of the software. This was not only annoying to our client but also costly, a fix was requested but 6 months later a fix still hasn’t been delivered.


The Solution

Our client needed a solution that would provide the core functionality of a CRM, but simple and not in any way over-complicated. They wanted it to be clear and concise, with only the functionality that they would use. They also wanted it to be usable on both a phone and a tablet. As a result of our conversations we: designed, built, tested and released their own bespoke CRM android application that worked on android devices running 6.0 onwards, alongside their own API and secure database storage. As we didn’t want to lose the data that had been stored in the previous system, we created a series of data extracts that pulled all the information from the old system into our new system.



The list of functionality is as follows:

  • Integrate with our client’s existing ERP system, to pull down the latest customer accounts
  • View Customer Account details
  • Book an appointment with a Customer
  • Schedule a task to complete for a Customer
  • Record Prospective Customer details
  • Book an appointment with a prospective Customer
  • Update appointments with notes on completion
  • View “What’s On Today”
  • KEY FEATURE:Work Offline, and sync to cloud automatically when Online again


Feedback so Far

We have had very positive feedback since it’s release and is close to a full roll out. We are looking forward to adding more functionality to the CRM, so our client can truly maximise the data being captured and could be captured going forward.


From initial discussions to release, this project took 3 months, and we’re very excited to see where it goes next …


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