7 ways to use your Raspberry Pi

by William O'Grady for Blog
7 ways to use your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a “charity that works to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world.” With the latest Raspberry Pi 4 costing £34, and the Zero model costing only £13, everyone can afford to access a home computer.

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic tool for learners or anyone looking for a DIY project. What follows are seven projects that you can try using your Raspberry Pi.


Who doesn’t love a bit of retro gaming? Retro Pie software allows you to use your Pi to run and play emulated retro games. Considered one of the most straight-forward of set-ups the retro pie website provides very clear instructions. 

Security/Pet Camera

Using the Pi camera (purchased separately), you can make your own affordable security camera system. It’s possible to use a hard drive to store hours of security footage. Another option is to set up a pet camera so you can spy on your hairy loved ones while at work!

Desktop computer

Your Raspberry Pi can also act as a desktop computer, providing you have a keyboard and monitor. The Raspian is an open-source Linux-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi. As well as using your Pi for word processing, you could also use this computer as a way to learn to code. 


You can use your Pi to run your own VPN server using PiVPN. This is a great way to bypass website filters and connect devices on your home network. You can also enable end-to-end encryption and run your mobile internet activity through a secure tunnel.

Wedding Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth for a wedding can cost anywhere up to £300 for an evening. With a Raspberry Pi, a digital camera and a bit of determination, you can make your own. This project can be pushed even further by using the  official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen.

Play Minecraft 

The Official Raspberry Pi website is a treasure trove for potential projects. For Minecraft obsessives, it’s possible to run the game on your Pi. Even better, you can use a bit of coding in Python to automate the house building process. In a couple of clicks, you can build a house.

Magic Mirror

For the ambitious among us, try the award-winning Magic Mirror project. Imagine looking in the mirror and also receiving traffic and weather updates, seeing your news feed, even being complimented! While it does involve some woodwork, the official website provides excellent instructions and support.

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