Updating the Mobile Account Form in Dynamics 365

by Sarah McCarthy for Blog
Updating the Mobile Account Form in Dynamics 365

We’ve recently deployed Dynamics 365 for a customer, including a release of the new mobile app to their Sales Team.  This post shares what we did to the deploy the app, and how to go about updating the mobile account form in Dynamics 365 App.


the Sales Team

Our Customer’s Sales Team has been armed with the Dynamics 365 App, installed on their Surface Pro’s, and smart phones.  The Sales Team had been using the Outlook CRM plugin, but had run into a number of difficulties with performance.  With the release of Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft made many improvements to the Mobile App, so after installing and configuring the app on our devices, we ran through a number of tests simulating a Sales Rep’s daily activities (which included the fact they will not always have internet access), which all ran fairly smoothly and most importantly successfully.  We presented our results back to the Board, and it was decided the App would be rolled out.


Deployment and Training

QuayTech put together a deployment plan for the App, plus pulled together a set of training notes.  Ultimately our customer decided to plan a training day, and QuayTech ran three training sessions, breaking the sales team into smaller groups and we ran through the essentials to ensure the Sales Team could review their accounts, plan activities as well as gather some additional information on each of their accounts, which is being collected and stored in a set of customised fields we have added.

After a successful day’s training, we have now devised a development plan to roll out further customisation’s to the App.


Updating the Mobile Account Form in Dynamics 365 – The “Techy” part

So, onto Updating the Mobile Account Form in Dynamics 365 …

The App out of the box was pretty well set up for their requirements, but as within anything, the more it is used, the more ideas its users have !!  As a result we have had to implement some changes to the App to make the user experience the best it can be,

One of the tweaks required, was adding some additional fields to the core Account form!  Sounds simple … but it took us a little while to find.

How To

Login to 365 with Administrator rights, go to Settings >> Customizations >> Customize the System



This will open a separate Customizations window, expand Components >> Entities >> Account >> Forms

In the list of Views, locate the Information view, (formerly called Mobile  – Express – the Form Type is set to this in CRM 2016) and click to open.


This will present a window with a list of possible Account fields you can include in the form.  Use the controls on screen to amend what is presented on the Account form within the Mobile App!


Simple … when you know how !

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