Privacy Policy


What We Collect collects technical information provided by your web browser when you access our website. This information may include your IP address, locality, device type being used to access the website, the browser, what pages you view etc.

We do not collect any personal or sensitive information.

If you register an enquiry with us we collect your Name, Email Address, Contact Telephone Number and a brief description of your enquiry. This is not shared in anyway.

What we Do uses Google Analytics to count page visits and analyse traffic sources on our website. This not only helps us understand how visitors interact with the site, it can help us improve the content and performance of the website. When you visit our website the pages you look at on our website are downloaded to your device, along with a small text file, called a “cookie”. A “cookie” is a small text file, used to store information regarding your visit to our website for traffic analysis, and to help personalise your experience on our website. These files are not in anyway harmful to the device you are using to view our website.

We do not store any personal information. If you do not allow cookies, the site may function incorrectly.  To disable cookies, please click on the Browser you are using below, to follow instructions as provided by the browser*:

If you use a browser that is not listed above please use either the browser Help function or do a search for “blocking cookies in ### browser”.

* We cannot be held responsible for information held on third party sites.