Dynamics 365 Training

by Sarah McCarthy for Project
Dynamics 365 Training

WOW, what a day!

Following on from application development work we completed on Dynamics 365 for our client. Quay Tech Systems were asked to deliver a day’s Dynamics 365 training to our clients mobile sales team.

We approached this by defining with Directors first off, what were the key objectives. We needed to clarify what they wanted to achieve with their newly rolled out, hosted Dynamics 365.  This was going to drive how we delivered the training.  This was to be a completely new concept to the sales team, who had up until now been using paper diaries. They were slowly making the step into using Outlook Calendars.  It was pivotal we were able to deliver the training in such a way the sales team went away able to fulfil the key objectives set out by the Directors. Whilst also not feeling overwhelmed with the change!


dynamics 365 training – Key Objectives to deliver

  • Ensure users could easily view accounts, and also create activities – appointments, tasks and log phone calls against an account.
  • Create new leads, for prospective customers.
  • Populate key data the organisation require, using custom fields we added to this instance of Dynamics 365.
  • Have the ability to update and amend this data whilst on the road. When it is quite likely they will be without an internet connection.


What’s Next?

We are assisting the client to deliver a “tip of the week” to remind the sales team of useful features mentioned in the Dynamics 365 training.  Where required, we are going to help the client to deliver workshops to focus on particular areas of the application, if the sales team feel it is required to further their understanding.


Is Dynamics 365 right for you?

Take a “first look” at 365 over on Microsoft’s site, or get in touch via our contact form to discuss your requirements.

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