Driving me round the trend

by Andy for Blog
Driving me round the trend

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR for short is going to be taking a massive advancement into the year especially with more computing power being available. Virtual Reality is creating computerised objects in the real world to put in simply. Faster networks will help with this too, which I will talk about next. For more information on VR check out my blog post about it.


The technology for 5G networks has been recently demonstrated. 5G is the upgraded version of the 4G mobile network that we know and use today. 4G is currently capable of between 100Mbps – 300Mbps, whereas new 5G technology will be hitting 1-10Gbps depending on location, device, etc. The USA has already began to roll some of this technology out. A UK Date is set for 2019/2020 so we shall see.


As always drones continue to improve year on year, in terms of functionality and affordability. I don’t see this trend ending this year. Although with the incident at Gatwick Airport on the 20th December I think we will be seeing a higher regulation and even more improved anti drone technology.

Artificial Intelligence

We are only just beginning to scratch the service with artificial intelligence and this year it will improve even more. Smart devices such as Nest, Hive, automated alarms, cars, etc. Will continue to learn and improve. We will see the first automated car hit the streets in the UK?

Data Security

Lastly with the release of GDPR this year we will no doubt be seeing more improvements in the world of data protection and security.


So there you have it a couple of trends that will be hitting us during 2019.



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